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Give Yourself a Gift This Holiday Season Give Yourself a Gift This Holiday Season

Thanksgiving is only a week or two away, and then Christmas is just within reach. For so many people, this means shopping for gifts and spending timein the kitchen getting ready for holiday parties. And even though the holiday season is all about giving, sharing, and spreading the love, the stress of busy weekends, busier parking lots, and too many people on your list can make this time of year harder than it should be. So, at Oasis By Plush, we want to help you take a day that’s just for you. Our beauty salon offers a range of relaxing services, including massages,tanning, facials, and more. Yes, the season is about spending time with friends and family, but it’s so important to not lose yourself (or if you do, lose yourself in a relaxing massage).

Why Should You Invest In Yourself During the Holidays

You’re Worth It!

Take a minute to really think about that. You are worth it. The time it takes to drive to our Columbus beauty salon, the babysitter or PTO day from work, the money that could otherwise be saved — you’re worth it all. So many people are natural givers that they forget to give to themselves! And this is the perfect time of year to be selfish for an afternoon and do something that will refresh and soothe. We know it can be hard to take a spa day for yourself, but keep repeating to yourself, “I am worth it.”


Work, packing lunches for kids, politics on the radio, texts, laundry, cleaning, grocery shopping — our daily to-do lists seem to keep getting longer and longer and the noise of the world is getting louder and louder. No, going for a massage won’t take away these things completely, but it will give you an opportunity to truly disconnect from the world and the little stressors that add up throughout the days, weeks, and months. Turn off your phone, in fact, don’t even bring your phone! Turn off the connections to your busy life and let yourself unwind, relax, and recuperate.

Treat Your Skin

Columbus is a busy city with nearly one million people! With so many people, that means a lot of cars. With all of that air pollution, it could be stressing out your skin. Oasis By Plush has a team of passionate estheticians who want to help treat your skin with a relaxing facial. Choose between a variety of options, including our signature, brightening, anti-aging facial, and more. Along with treating your mind, you’ll be able to walk away with beautiful skin.

Treat Your Confidence

Weeks of going to party after holiday party, it can be hard being around so many people who seem to have their life, their wardrobes, their exercise routines, and their skincare regime figured out. If you need a boost to your confidence, give yourself a luxurious tan, volumize your lashes, or have your makeup done for a special occasion. Sometimes, it’s the little things that can make such a big difference.

Whether you’re looking for a simple massage, or if you want a whole day of pampering, Oasis By Plush can’t wait to help you unwind, relax, and see you walk out of our beauty salon with your head held high.

This holiday season, it’s time to give yourself a gift!