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Plush Beauty offers the very best beauty solution for each one of our clients. No matter your beauty objective, we can help you put your best self forward. It's time to experience a better kind of beauty.

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Plush Beauty offers a variety of treatments along with first time client pricing so you can look and feel good, while getting the best savings!


Plush Beauty are the go-to experts for all things lashes. Get one-on-one consulation to find the right lash style suited to your eyes
  • Expert Guidance
  • Quality Products
  • Gorgeous Results

Permanent Makeup

Also known as intradermal Pigmentation, permanent makeup can used of to enhance your features with permanent eybrows, eye liner, liner/color, or to even our skin tones and cover-up unwanted markings on you skin
  • Medically proven and Safe
  • Natural Pigments
  • Simplified Beauty


Whether tinting, shaping or both, the perfect brow is an essential beauty element. Our experts use the best quality products to give you the prefect shape and a natural look
  • The Perfect Color
  • The Ideal Shape
  • All-natural ingredients


Enjoy smooth skin from head to toe. We are the experts in cold wax service so you get a quicker less painful wax

  • Efficient Service
  • Quality Products
  • Silky Smooth Results


We offer a variety of facial and skincare treatments suited to a variety of needs. Achieve softer, more supple skin with our innovative services, customized to you.
  • Fresh, Smooth Skin
  • Even Skin Tone
  • A Healthy Glow

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